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Benefits of Cayenne Pepper to Smoking Cessation

If you read my article on natural remedies to quit smoking, you’ll recall that I mentioned cayenne pepper but it was a brief mention. My recent research has revealed that cayenne pepper is hugely beneficial to smoking cessation. I publish my findings below: What Is Cayenne Pepper? You can call it red hot, long and  [ Read More ]

If you have ever tried to quit smoking but relapsed shortly, you need to know how to stop smoking for good. This is because smoking cessation is more than making an attempt, you must be able to sustain the attempt and avoid the temptation to go back to smoking. Thomas Edison, the famous inventor, realized  [ Read More ]

Even though smokers inhale deeply while smoking, they forget to continue deep breathing after they quit. Yet, deep breathing is so beneficial to quit smoking. It does not only strengthen lung capacity, it eases nicotine cravings and improves the moody feelings smokers experience upon quitting. It also releases the toxins that may have accumulated in  [ Read More ]

A lot has been said and documented about the health benefits of green tea. Some say it’s a wonder drink while Jason Busell in his book titled: “The Asian Diet: Simple Secrets for Eating Right, Losing Weight, and Being Well” says green tea is the greatest beverage in the world. According to him, “the more  [ Read More ]

In his book, Everyman’s Guide to Perfect Health, S.N. Khosla describes smokers’ cough as dry, occurring in the early hours of the morning and disappearing after smoking cessation. This cough is said to be caused by excessive smoking and most (not all) smokers experience it. In this article, I’m not discussing smokers’ cough at all.  [ Read More ]

When you try to quit smoking, it comes with a lot of stress. This article examines ways to relieve stress when you eventually drop off cigarettes. Smokers on Why They Smoke Many smokers say they smoke to relieve stress. They claim cigarettes are an excellent stress reliever each time they are under tension or pressure  [ Read More ]

What Does Vitamin E Do For Smokers?

In an earlier article, I explained the role vitamins and minerals play in the smoking cessation process. In this article, I want to explain the role vitamin E, plays in the quit smoking process. Enjoy it!  What is Vitamin E? Vitamin E is a fat-soluble Vitamin that functions primarily as an antioxidant. It is stored  [ Read More ]

How to Prevent Friends or Fellow Smokers from Sabotaging Your Quit Attempt

A recent study conducted by pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer, revealed that a third of smokers have confessed to interfering with other peoples’ attempt to stop smoking. Their reasons for disrupting other people’s quitting attempts include guilt about their own addiction, envy, and longing to have a smoking “partner”. During this study, Pfizer allegedly collected statistics from  [ Read More ]

You may not believe it but it’s been established that certain foods and beverages can help you kick the smoking habit. Smoking cessation is a change in routine which must be accompanied by several changes (including a change in diet) to prevent a relapse. A study, reported in the April 2007 issue of the journal  [ Read More ]

How Can I Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight?

Even though a study recently revealed that smoking cessation leads to higher weight gain than previously thought, I still believe you can quit smoking without gaining a lot of weight. I still believe there are little things you can do to avoid weight gain after dropping off cigarettes. But if you do them and gain  [ Read More ]