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Which is the Best Book for Quit Smoking?

Many a time, smokers who want to drop off cigarettes, ask “which is the best book for quit smoking?” To answer the question, I’ll say there are several smoking cessation books available for those who are looking for more information on how to permanently quit smoking. But among these books, some are preferable to others.  [ Read More ]

Using the Commit Lozenge to Stop Smoking

Giving up the smoking habit is NOT an easy task. It is so because of the nicotine cravings that accompany any stop smoking decision. By nature, nicotine is a highly addictive substance and when smokers decide to get off cigarettes, the body craves for its usual supply of nicotine. This leads to nicotine withdrawal symptoms  [ Read More ]

Nicotine (pronounced nik’ oh teen) Gum, is one of the nicotine replacement therapies with which withdrawal symptoms can be controlled. It’s a gum that contains the substance, nicotine. It’s used as an oral substitute for people trying to stop smoking. This article tries to answer some frequently asked questions about using the nicotine gum. Nicotine  [ Read More ]

Nicotine patches are one of the most popular nicotine replacement therapies around. They help smokers to stop smoking. Like every good thing under the sun, patches have their pros and cons. This article is about these and more. Since they were introduced into the stop smoking market, several studies have been done on their effectiveness.  [ Read More ]

Allen Carr’s Stop Smoking Book

Allen Carr’s stop smoking book has helped many people quit smoking even though some people who read it claimed not to have had much success with it. The success to failure ratio is over 50% however. Over 10 million books sold in 57 countries in more than 38 languages, Allen Carr wrote the book after  [ Read More ]