Your Sure Stop Smoking Guide

Do Bananas Help Quit Smoking?

Yes, bananas do help quit smoking because they contain high levels of Vitamin C, B6, B12, A1 as well as potassium and magnesium which assist the body to cope and deal with the effects of quit smoking. When I wrote about foods that can help smoking cessation, I mentioned bananas and the role they play  [ Read More ]

What Does Vitamin E Do For Smokers?

In an earlier article, I explained the role vitamins and minerals play in the smoking cessation process. In this article, I want to explain the role vitamin E, plays in the quit smoking process. Enjoy it!  What is Vitamin E? Vitamin E is a fat-soluble Vitamin that functions primarily as an antioxidant. It is stored  [ Read More ]

If you’re wondering about the role vitamins and minerals play in the stop smoking process, this article has an answer for you! And the answer is: smoking depletes the body of essential vitamins and minerals and to successfully quit, those nutrients must be replaced. Dr Jodi Gelfand, a physician assistant in an article titled: Nicotine  [ Read More ]

How Can I Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight?

Even though a study recently revealed that smoking cessation leads to higher weight gain than previously thought, I still believe you can quit smoking without gaining a lot of weight. I still believe there are little things you can do to avoid weight gain after dropping off cigarettes. But if you do them and gain  [ Read More ]

If smoking cessation means a lot to you, download this ebook NOW. Seriously, this ebook could save your life, improve your finances and boost your relationships. It’s not for sale, this ebook is absolutely free-of-charge (F.O.C), and you can download and read the whole thing right now in less than thirty minutes. The information it  [ Read More ]

Quit Cold Turkey – It’s the Way to Go

If you have been following our series on stop smoking, you’d realize we started by saying you should take control of your mind before smoking cessation. We also said you should establish a daily exercise habit prior to quitting as this will help you successfully quit and stay smoke-free. We also delved into the 2  [ Read More ]

Desperate to quit smoking but can’t get a hang of it? These 6 journalistic questions (who,what,why,where,when and how-popularly known as the 5Ws and H-will help you). The 5Ws and H of reporting a news story remind me so much of my days as a journalist. Then, if I had to report an event, I had  [ Read More ]

You don’t have to wait months or years to see some of the benefits of quitting. Research has revealed that some of the benefits of quitting smoking are almost immediate and that your body begins to fix itself few minutes after your last cigarette and continues in the years that follow. This article will examine  [ Read More ]

How to Keep Your New Year Stop Smoking Resolution

At the beginning of the year, people make New Year resolutions but by the 2nd or 3rd month of the year, most resolutions evaporate into thin air. Studies by The Centers for Disease (CDC) show that about 70 percent of current smokers want to quit and that more than half of those smokers tried to  [ Read More ]

Stop Smoking and Avoid Weight Gain

Stop smoking and weight gain seem to co-occur for most people who try to refrain from smoking. Weight gain is however not the direct effect of smoking cessation. It is more often what happens when a person substitutes one type of oral pleasure or way of self-soothing (smoking) with another (eating). Why You Gain Weight  [ Read More ]